Podcast Marketing Checklist

Podcasts have quickly become one of the most popular ways to listen to talk show programs around the world.
They are also becoming an increasingly popular way for businesses to expand their customer base and bring in new target demographics.
Knowing how to make use of these incredible tools can be a serious boon for your business if you take the time to learn how it is done.

How to Effectively Use Podcast Marketing

While it is true that anyone can go and start a podcast, that does not mean it will be successful.


Plenty of people have created successful channels, and they have left behind some advice that seems to ring true still to this day.


If you think your business could benefit from marketing itself this way, then you are probably right. Before you go out and try to reinvent the wheel from scratch let’s review some of the best practices to market successfully using these platforms.

Work Your Directory

The directory is where all the information about your episode is kept for when customers search for episodes.


Leaving these fields blank is a great way to ensure no one ever finds you.


Always ensure these fields have the correct information and have been filled out completely.


The more relevant information you can include, the easier it will be for customers to find your channel if they have not heard of it before now.


This brings us to our next piece of advice.

Don’t Limit Yourself

Once you have an episode uploaded on a fairly popular platform, you may be tempted to let off the gas a bit.


This is the wrong mindset. It would be best if you made it your goal to have your episodes available on as many different directories as possible and complete directory information for each.


The more directories you are listed with, the more people have a chance to find you.

Metadata Matters!

Metadata is just as important as the information you put in the directories.


These tags let your audience know which episode is which. It organizes things by title, chronology. And more.


Without these tags searching through your library of content will be much more of a hassle and could potentially discourage clients from following you more.


Make a habit of always completing the ID3 tags before you finish uploading your next episode.

Make A Splash

While the saying may tell us not to judge a book by its cover, unfortunately, most people do tend to rely heavily on their initial impressions.


This is why choosing the right title for your episode is a lot more important than you first thought.


The right title can be enough to get people to check something out.


Once they are there, you’ve got your foot in the door and are much more likely to convert the prospect into a long term client.


Once they are in, you should make sure that within the first few minutes of the episode, you have some highly engaging content to keep them around.


Good titles may get them in the door, but they won’t stay for long if there is not high-quality content to entice them.

5 Star Goals!

Many potential audience members rely solely on reviews while making decisions about which content to consume.


Not just the overall rating your show has, but the total number of people who have left a review can be just as important.


At the same time, a show with mostly positive reviews and a handful of mixed reviews will be better perceived if it has a significant number of reviews that have been left.


When you make new episodes, always encourage the people listening to leave reviews if they enjoy the content. The more they leave, the better off you will be.

Stay Social

Social media has transformed the way people connect with one another.


Now it’s also changing the way advertising is done. If you have a social media account and are not using it to promote your business, you could miss out on a lot of great exposure.


Any social media platform you are active should be used to promote your next episode when it comes out.

Use that Camera!

If you already have all the Audio – taking your podcast to the next level won’t be hard.


All you have to do is get some camera equipment. Record some video along with your next episode and upload it to YouTube for an even bigger audience.

Guests Are The Best

Bringing new guests onto the show is a great way to get new audience members.


Guests keep things fresh and often have an audience of their own who will be introduced to you now.


The more pertinent to the niche you typically focus on the guest is, the better the experience should end up being for both you and your audience.


It keeps things interesting for the content producers too.

Podcast Power

Following the above checklist will help you get started on your way to podcast success! Keep these things in mind and always revisit them!


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